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Karistos city

Karistos is the largest city in south Evia. In Karisto you will find many beautiful beaches, night life variety and many coastal traditional ouzeri and tavernas. If you are in the mood to discover and alternative view of south Evia, visit Dimosaris gorge (10km long) on Ohi mountain just a few miles from the city.

Access to Karistos

In order to reach Karistos you will need approximately 2-2.5 hours from downtown Athens. You have to go to Rafina port and take the boat to Marmari (1 hour). You will need 15 minutes to arrive in Karistos from there. Rafina’s port is also connected with Athens International airport.

Karistos city Hotels

View MAP with photo locations or check accommodation services and compare room prices of Karistos hotels. In addition, you may also view hotels at Marmari coastal village which is only 10-15 minutes away from Karistos city.

Photos from Karystos city in south Evia island

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Bourtzi and Castello Rosso medieval castles in Karistos

Two of the most important monuments in the city of Karistos belong to the Venetian and Lombard occupation era. The first one, castle Bourtzi (Mpoutzi), is build on the nowadays coastal promenade and it is a relatively small but heavily fortified and armed defensive hexagon bulwark build arounf the 15th century. It is recently renovated and is used mainly during summer for various artistic exhibitions and other displays.

The second, Castello Rosso castle, is much bigger and build outside the limits of the modern city of Karistos, on a top of a steep and defensive in nature hill. It was build around 1200 AD by the Lombards, over the ruins of ancient Acropolis. Today visitors have the chance to visit it following the car road that passes through the village of Miloi, walk a few minutes to the top of the hill and enjoy both the historical remnants of the medieval South Evia but also the amazing view to the city of Karystos, Karystos bay and the Cycladic islands if the weather is clear enough to enjoy the amazing Aegean sea color.

Karystos map

Click on the red signs to get access directions.

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Επόμενο ταξίδιPhotos from Methoni in Messinia

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