Με ονόματα όπως Χαλκολιμνιώνας, Φελλός, Πίσω Γυάλια και “γριάς το πήδημα”, σίγουρα οι παραλίες της Άνδρου ξεχωρίζουν για τα όχι και τόσο συνηθισμένα ονόματα. (κλικάρετε τη φωτογραφία για να τη δείτε σε πλήρες μέγεθος)

In Andros island you will have the chance to feel the magic of swimming into the Aegean sea that surrounds the world famous Greek Cycladic islands. Although Andros‘ road network has a lot of dirtroads that will probably stop you from visiting certain beaches, in case you do not have a jeep or a suitable motorcycle, there are numerous other amazing beaches that will certainly offer you unforgettable swimming experience! View our beaches‘ photos and check their location on the map below to have a better clue of how to prepare your visit in Andros island.

We stayed at Batsi coastal village (hotels and rooms at Batsi) at Dora II Studios which had one of the highest value for money as we realized during our staying there. It is located 100 meters or less from the beautiful Batsi village beach. Map with Andros island beaches’ locations

Andros beaches’ photos

Map with beaches’ locations

Center map

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