Edipsos, a modern spa resort

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Or with a history of thousands of years!

According to mythology, the goddess Athena she asked her brother Ήφαιστο a place where he will enjoy the baths and rest after each feat, the beloved Hercules. Hepheastion does not harm his sister and strikes with the divine hammer in the bowels of the earth, bringing to its surface, hot and thermal waters.

Edipsos and thermal baths

Η Edipsos, is famous spa town from antiquity, even refers to "Meteorological" by Aristotle, while it was a favorite destination for them as well Roman Emperors. Although several centuries have passed since then, it has not lost its glamor and fame, which it owes to its existence. 80 thermal springs with waters whose temperature ranges from 28 to 86 degrees Celsius.
Of course it is not the temperature of the water that makes the difference but the presence trace elements of calcium, magnesium and iron, making it ideal for plenty of combat diseases such as rheumatics, arthritis, gynecological diseases, disc diseases and several others. This divine gift can be used by its guests Edipsos enjoying the services of the modern hydrotherapy centers which have been created in recent years as well as by several luxury hotels.

North Evia

Η Edipsos however, it can also be proud of its geographical location. She is none other than the gifted North Evia, an area ideal for holidays in all seasons since it ideally combines the green of the mountains with the blue or the deep blue of the wonderful waters of the northern Evia, both from the Aegean side and from that of Central Greece.

Meet Edipsos

Its coastal road Edipsos (in Edipsos Baths), is ideal for walking, in summer it is forbidden to pass cars after sunset, with the sea on one side and the old mansions on the other. And if you get tired of walking you can sit in one of the many beach restaurants, cafes or coffee bars that offer their services to guests.

Enjoy your drink or coffee overlooking the northern Evia gulf

In fact, in recent years the Edipsos has, several months a year, suggestions for intense night life as it is no longer a favorite destination only for the elderly or those in need of spas but also young people who realize the value of the place and visit more and more the bigger one spa town of Greece and one of the most famous in Europe.

Access and distances to Edipsos

The particularly easy access to Edipsos which can be done essentially in 3 ways.

  • The easiest is through Arkitas, of the small port in Central Greece and just opposite Edipsos. Distance from Athens 150km and 1:30 to 2 hours, while you will need another 50 minutes for the boat trip.
  • The second way is through Chalkida (2 to 2:30 hours). The advantage of this route is that you will see a large part of its landscapes North Evia and some of the central. On the contrary are the several turns from Psachna to Mantoudi. The green of the route and its presence of the river Kireas in several places they will compensate you.
  • Finally, the third option for tourists from Central or Northern Greece is to take the boat from Glyphs, on the border of Magnesia and Fthiotida and pass opposite the picturesque fishing village of Agiokampos in Northern Evia. From there you will need only 15 minutes to reach Edipsos.

Photos from Edipsos

Map of Edipsos

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