Sights in Tzoumerka and Zagorochoria

Syrrako in Tzoumerka, through the autumn leaves.

A week in Tzoumerka and Zagorochoria is what you need to get a small, we emphasize, taste of the sights in the beautiful mountain destinations of Epirus and in a large part of the prefecture of Ioannina.

Traditional cafe in Kapesovo

Traditional cafe 'i Mezaria' in Kapesovo, Zagori

In the traditional cafe 'i Mezaria' in Kapesovo Zagori, you can enjoy handmade appetizers and sweets listening to jazz and blues by the fireplace or under the plane tree depending on the season.

The river Voidomatis in Zagori

One of the smallest but also the most "lucky" rivers of Greece since most of it crosses one of the most beautiful parts of our country, the gorge of Vikos.

Vitsa in Central Zagori

The beautiful Joke is a mountainous and traditional settlement of the central Of Zagori with a long history and a bright future.

Papigo and Mikro Papigo

Its traditional settlements Papigou and Little Papigo in West Zagori are two of the most beautiful and most touristic destinations in this particular area of ​​Epirus.

Aristi in Zagorochoria

Aristi in Zagorochoria, West Zagori

Η Excellent in western Zagori is a beautiful village located on the road to Papigo but also the village of Vikos (with the amazing view of the homonymous gorge and Astraka.)

Metsovo, in the heart of Pindos

The Metsovo claims the characterization of the most picturesque mountain settlement in Greece and not unjustly. It is built between towering mountains and is a stone's throw from the Pindos National Park. (Valia Calda) but also two ski resorts…

The gorge of Vikos

In the gorge of Vikos. Zooming in from the Beech observation post

If at the sound of the word gorge or ravine your mind goes to the gorge of Samaria or the Grand Canyon, the Vikos gorge is what gains impressions with its entry in their book Guinness record.