Holy Monastery of Megalo Meteoro in Meteora


Access to Meteora

Meteora is located at prefecture of Trikala and access to them is very easy as from the capital of the prefecture you just follow the signs for the town of Kalampaka located just below the theorets rocks of Meteora.

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Η distance from Trikala to Meteora is about 25 km and you can reach them by following the long straight route to Kalambaka. Just before entering Kalambaka, you will follow the right road Kalampakas - Vlachavas while there is also a sign for Meteora. Alternatively you can enter Kalambaka and take the road that passes through it Kastraki and between the imposing volumes as well as under some monasteries.

Transfer of monks to the Great Meteor!


The Meteora are one of the most famous and important geological monuments of our planet. In addition, it is one of its most important and sacred places Orthodoxy as they have been designated as second Mount Athos which continues for centuries the monastic tradition in a place that impresses, causing those who see it up close admiration and awe at the same time. A natural consequence was the introduction of the place of Meteora in UNESCO World Heritage List (see description from the official UNESCO site in English) which included them in its list in 1988.

Saint Athanasios the Meteorite

A dominant role in the creation of monasteries and human intervention in this unique and beautiful landscape was played by Saint Athanasios the Meteorite who founded the first and largest monastery of Meteora, the I. Monastery of the Transfiguration of the Savior ή Great Meteor in the middle of the 14th century. In fact, Saint Athanasios was the one who gave the wider area its current name, naming "Meteoro" the first large rock called Plati Lithos, on which he climbed and settled in 1340 to build the foundations of the first and largest monastery of Megalo Meteorou.

History of the Monastery of Megalo Meteoro

It took centuries, of course, until the Holy Monastery of the Transfiguration of the Savior or as it is often called, the Great Meteor, to acquire its current form. THE Saint Athanasios together with 14 other monks he managed to climb and settle on the very high rock about 420 meters above the ground and 615 from the sea.

Megalo-meteoro - meteora - meteora
Monastery of Megalo Meteoro - Osteophylaki

Although his monk Mount Athos, was forced due to the difficult conditions of the time and the invasions of the Turks to look for a quieter place for the life of the monastic life he chose. THE Wide stone was the appropriate place where he built his refuge first and then the first church of the Monastery, the church of Theomitoros while at the same time he began to organize the first systematic monastic community.

Its work was worthily continued by its second owner Monastery of Megalo Meteoro and successor of Saint Athanasios, o Saint Joasaph, son of the Greek-Serbian king of Epirus and Thessaly. Saint Joasaph, enlarged the original temple, creating the current majestic catholic of the Monastery, the Temple of the Transfiguration. Over the years the Monastery of Megalo Meteoro expanded considerably to the point of having up to two floors of a hospital-nursing home which was built in 1572. It became the center of monastic life, the largest of the 24 total monasteries of Meteora, today only six work, and a great example of the power of people and the faith that exists within them.

See the Holy Monastery of Megalo Meteoro

Today the monastery continues its monastic work while it can be visited by the public and the faithful who want to worship there, most days of the week. It is worth visiting and admiring it up close traditional kitchen of 1557 with the unique household utensils, the old bank, and that of 1557, which is one of the most characteristic specimens monastic architecture and the sacristy which is housed in the area where the old hospital-nursing home operated.

The old Bank in Megalo Meteoro, an excellent example of monastic architecture.

Finally, at Monastery of Megalo Meteoro kept great icons, sacred relics and rare manuscripts for which you will need several hours to see and admire them up close!

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The Meteora are one of the most important tourist destinations in Greece. Both the geological value and their unique landscape, as well as the religious value and the number of Byzantine monasteries and relics of all kinds, as well as the climbing options they offer, make them a popular destination for people of all ages and tastes. You can see the best accommodation offers for Kalambaka. In addition, you can see even more hotels in wider area of ​​Meteora.

Photos from the Monastery of Megalo Meteoro

Map of Meteora