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Euro 2004, Greek celebrations

View photos from the Greek celebrations a day after the great win in Euro 2004 after beating Portugal in a dramatic Euro final in Lisbon.

The Greek football team returned the next day, 5th of July 2004, and it took more than 5 hours in order to reach Kallimarmaron Stadium where more than 100.000 people, and many more all over Attica, from the airport since all the streets were crowded with people who wanted to congratulate the Greek players and celebrate with them the most unexpected win and the greatest surprise in the history of European football!

EURO 2004, The Greek miracle in fest photos

Προηγούμενο ταξίδιTsagarada village in the heart of Pelion mountain
Επόμενο ταξίδιOlympos village in Karpathos island
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