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Chalkida, the crazy water city!

Chalkida* is situated with one foot in Evia and the other in central Greece as it is built on the sides of the Evripos Strait.

It is the main entry and exit portal to and from the island of Evia and the capital of the county with 90,000 residents.

Distances to Chalkida

Chalkida is located 78 km from Athens, 35 km from Thebes and 93 km from Livadia city. (through Orhomenos)

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Chalkida, Red House
Red House is one of the most distinctive spots in Chalkida city

Chalkida (Chalkis/Halkida/Xalkida) Attractions

  • Kanithos hill, with the beautiful Karababa castle which offers wonderful views of the city and in much of central Evia island (see photo) as the majestic and snowy Dirfi mountaintop.
  • The Red House on the north side of the beach town, built in 1884!
  • Town Hall building located on the pedestrian city zone.
  • The seafront promenade with dozens of cafe, tavern, restaurants on one side and the “crazy” Evripos waters on the other!
  • Its geographical location, being within close distance to many urban centers, like the capital city of Athens ( 78 km highway trip). Moreover, Chalkida is just 42 km from Thebes and 90 from Livadia.
  • Finally, as mentioned at the beginning, is the gateway entrance road to the beauty of southern, central (an example is the beautiful mountain village of Steni) and northern Evia, making it ideal for a break and rest before continuing trip to another destination.

Evripos Strait and the phenomenon of mad waters.

Chalkida is certainly known since ancient times because of the tidal phenomenon occurs in the Evripos Strait. There, the sea water for six hours travel from the North to the South Evian Gulf, followed 8 minutes where the water is stagnant and soon begin to move for another six hours at the opposite side. This phenomenon was suspended during the lunar month of two periods of “insubordination“, lasting three days, during which the movement of water does not follow some rules. Thus, during this “disobedient” period, water can sometimes change direction during the day for as many as 14 times while the next day it may stay calm all day and night long!

Train approaches Chalkida city in Central Euboea (Evia)

Chalkida Bridge

This unique phenomenon can be best enjoyed from the old bridge, at the narrowest Evripos Strait spot, which until 1992 was the only road crossing to the island of Evia. The point is now the old bridge has a long history starting from 540 AD when the first bridge was built there by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian. With the operation of the new modern suspension bridge of Chalkida (700 meters in length) in 1992, the old bridge now serves only traffic within the city. So the new bridge was able to unload a significant car load from Chalkida.

Chalkida night view and Euripus Strait

From the old bridge, however, begins the coastal pathway of Chalkida throbbing daily life due to the thousands of young people visiting the dozens of cafes, restaurants and famous ouzo taverns of the area and the many weekend visitors who prefer Chalkida either for a short coffee and launch break or for a two day stopover at Evia’s capital city.
*: Translation from Greek text using Google Translation service. Slight modifications have been made to preserve coherence

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