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Elati Trikalon

Elati village in Trikala prefecture is a famous winter resort in central Greece located in the verdurous landscape of Koziakas mountain.

Access to Elati Trikalon

Elati is traditional mountainous village with organized touristic infrastructure, very close to the city of Trikala. In specific it is only 32 kilometers from prefecture’s capital with very comfortable road. From Trikala you will need to go through the small city of Pyli and on the road Arta-Trikala. After around 4 Km turn right to Pyli-Pertouli road and on 9 km you will reach Elati village.  Elati is 360 km from Athens and 260 km from Thessaloniki city.

Elati Trikalon village

Natural landscape and things to do

Elati is build at 950 meters altitude on one of the most beautiful mountainous Greek landscapes. Mountain Koziakas is full of tall firs and it is part of the southern regions of Pindos mountain range.  In Elati visitors have the chance to enjoy tasty foods, relax on cozy cafes, stroll around the traditional alleys or the various footpaths around the village and stay in comfortable hotels and guesthouses.

Moreover those who like winter sports may visit Pertouli ski center in order to enjoy ski, snowboard or other winter sports on the slopes of Koziakas mountain. Finally, Elati is also a favorite destination in spring and summer time due to its cool climate, its traditional character and the landscape’s natural beauty.

Elati photos

Elati area map

Click on the red mark to get access directions.

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