Pelion Waterfall Megalovrachos

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waterfall-pelion-elder rock
The waterfall crest in Pelion.

The big cataract of Pelion in place Big rock is one of the unknown but extremely impressive sights of the mountain Centaurs! And this is because it is visible only from a few points of the road route between the villages Zagora and Pouri.

Although we went suspicious in order to "meet" visually with the big one waterfall only after careful observation we managed to distinguish it on the opposite slopes in order to enjoy the large waterfall of Pelion whose existence we did not even know existed until a few years ago.

The photos you will see were taken in October 2012 while I imagine that if you visit Pelion in Spring where the running water is more, you will see him waterfall more easily and you will enjoy it in its richest version with its rushing waters falling from a height of at least 100 meters!

Photos from the waterfall of Pelion Megalovrachos

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