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Alimos Marina

Alimos marina is located on the south suburb of Athens, Alimos (Kalamaki area) and is the largest Greek marina capable of accommodating a little more than a thousand vessels.

It is located on the right of Ostria café park and it ends on the boundaries of Alimos and Palaio Faliro municipalities, at the debouchure of Pikrodafni stream at Edem area.

Alimos marina covers around 170.000 square meters on which you can find three cafeterias, Skippers, Dia Noche and Kitchen bar in order to enjoy your coffee or meal. The best way though to enjoy the view to the marina is to walk on the two docks that will lead you to Alimos marina entrance lighthouses. From there the view to Piraeus, Aigina island and Peloponnese coasts, and the Saronic gulf sea is just great. The best time to visit Alimos marina is in the afternoon just before sunset.

Photos from Alimos marina

Alimos marina map

click on the red mark for access info

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