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Tsintzina village in Parnonas mountain

Tsintzina village or Polydroso in Lakonia Prefecture

Tsintzina village in Laconia Peloponnese, also known as Polydroso, may be either the starting point for exploring the natural landscapes and villages of Parnonas mountain or just a retreat away from anything that might spoil the peace you want.

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I visited Tsintzina on October 2006 after a long trip to Arcadian mountainous villages. It was to be the base for exploring Parnonas mountainvillages but for a few days i decided to either roam into the village or enjoy the Tsintzina’s traditional guesthouse, named Scholarhio, located in the beautiful square with plane trees, on a 1891 building that for decades housed village’s elementary school.

Tsintzina - Polydroso
Τσιντζινα - Πολύδροσο

From my staying at Tsintzina i will never forget the night excursion by jeep in one of a clearing at Parnonas mountain with the clear covered with stars night sky, the tavern of Barba Panos (Panoulis) and the unique food that was cooked at that time, chatting with Tsipouro and snacks in front of the fireplace and of course the green nature arround the village and the visited surrounding areas in Parnonas mountain.

Although a week before visiting Tsintzina I swam on a beach in Argolida, i saw the first snow of the season, from Parnonas refuge, on the mountain tops! Therefore caution and always have studs in the car as Parnonas has to be taken seriously as far as winter weather conditions are concerned.

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text/photos: Yiannis Tsouratzis

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