Steni Evia

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Steni Evia or Steni Dirfyos

Gifted with rich nature, running water all year round and easy access from it ChalkisThe Steni Evia ή Narrow Dirfyos is an ideal solution for those who want a short getaway to an unexpectedly beautiful and affordable winter and not only destination.

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Access to Steni Evia

Steni Evia or Steni Dirfyos belongs to the municipality of Dirfion-Messapia and is kilometers away:

  • Distance Athens-Steni: 108 km
  • Distance Chalkida-Steni: 32 km
Fireplace and forest view, Steni Evia or Steni Dirfyos

Starting from Chalkis you will follow the signs to the north Evia. In Nea Artaki, you will see the sign for Steni and turning right you will follow the road that leads to the heart of Central Evia. After a few kilometers, the landscape begins to become mountainous while the revelation of the two mountains, the Δίρφυς and Xirovouni, will "whet your appetite" for what follows.

Dirfi in central Evia, on the road to Steni Evia.
The impressive mountain range of Dirfi in central Evia, on the road to Steni Evia.

Its impressive mountain mass Δίρφυς dominates the landscape of Evia, is the highest mountain on the island with an altitude of 1.743 meters and offers a unique view of the Aegean Sea and the green slopes of central Evia. In addition, it is a famous mountain for significant snowfall as we have seen incredible images with one + meter of snow in the village of Steni. So in the winter be informed about the weather as Dirfi is not joking.

You can also download the path file to your computer Chalkida to Steni Evia to see exactly the path you need to follow. It presupposes have the application installed on your computer Google Earth.

Dirfi Steni Evia Steni Evias Evoias
Dirfi on the road to Steni Evia

The village

Arriving in the village, the smell of the forest and the sound of running water easily win the first impressions while the view of the amphitheatrically built houses invites the visitor for the first reconnaissance walks in the uphill and well-preserved paths.

Steni Evia or Steni Dirfyos

Η Narrow so it is located at an altitude of 400 meters, on its outskirts of the highest mountain of Evia, Dirfi (1.743μ). Its houses are built on the slopes of the mountain while on the left and opposite them, dominates the Karaouli rock complex, which today challenges many daring climbers offering a relatively new climbing field.

The center of the village is the paved square which you can reach following the pedestrian street behind the main pavilion of the area. From there to the square, you will find some youth cafes, traditional cafes and of course some of the famous taverns of the area. The good food is, after all, another reason why many gourmets prefer Steni, while the location of most barbecues, above the ravine and under the shade of the plane tree forest, definitely opens the appetite!

Sights and activities in Steni, Evia

At your stay in Steni you should not miss a walk to the most famous spring of the village, the "doctor's tap", Which is located about half a kilometer from the square and is" drowned "by plane trees and running water running from everywhere. Finally, the ascent by car to the highest point of the road, before it begins to descend to the famous beach of Chiliadou, will allow you to admire up close the exceptional forest of Dirfi, which is initially dominated by pines and plane trees, leaving their place, as the altitude rises, in chestnuts, firs and oaks.

Accommodation in Steni and Chalkida

Depending on the season you will visit Steni Evia you also choose him hostel in which you will stay. So look all accommodation proposals and choose according to your mood and of course your pocket.

Furthermore, the Chalkis can be the basis for your stay in Narrow or central Evia in general. Find the best prices for hotels and hostels in Chalkida.

Do not miss to see

  • Weather permitting, visit Dirfi mountain refuge, at about 1100 meters, to enjoy the view to the top of the mountain, the imposing, conical shape, Delphi.
Green streams and slopes in Steni, Evia
  • On weekends, in the place of the "doctor's fountain" there is usually a bargain with traditional products such as mountain tea, chestnuts and honey (in July it is also made honey feast!).
  • If you go in the summer, it is worth taking a dip in the Aegean and in recent years quite popular beach of Chiliadou, from the back of Dirfi.

Photos - Steni Evia

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Map of Strait of Evia

Route from Chalkida to Steni, Evia.
It requires you to have the application installed on your computer Google Earth.

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