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Sounion temple sunset view

Sounion (or Sounio)is located 68 km from downtown Athens and it is highly recommended as a one day visit to tourists in Athens since it combines ancient sightseeing with an amazing view to the Aegean sea especially during sunset hour. The ancient temple of Sounion was dedicated to God Poseidon and it was a sacred place for all Greeks and especially mariners (Poseidon was the god of the seas) who made animal sacrifices in order to propitiate Poseidon and have good and calm trips. The ancient temple whose ruins stand until today, was build around 450-440 BC.

The legend of Theseus

From this spot according to legend, king of Athens Aegeus committed suicide by falling from the chill, when he saw the black sail on his son’s Theseus ship returning from Crete. Theseus had gone to Crete in order to kill monster Minotaur and had promised to his father to have a white sail in case everything went fine. But due to celebrations and joy he forgot to change the color, misleading his father who was waiting in agony for his son. Aegean sea owes its name to king Aegeus since then.

Hotels at Sounio cape area

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Sounio and Poseidon temple photos

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Sounio cape area

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