Από την επίδειξη των Βρετανών Red Arrows πάνω από τον Σαρωνικό

Red Arrows, the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team, produced on Monday 23 May 2011 one of their extraordinary aerial acrobatic show in the Athenian sky, taking part on the 100 year celebrations since the founding of the Greek Air Force.

The British team was British indeed as they made their appearance at exactly 16:30, showing their skills for approximately 23 minutes over the sea of the Saronic gulf.

A lot of people gathered on Flisvos area at Palaio Faliro but Red Arrow’s show could be seen by all from Alimos beaches to Piraeus coasts.

Red Arrows in action over Athens, May 23 2011

Although weather was not ideal since some white clouds on the background hide some famous formations, like the heart, in general the Red Arrow team produced an exciting aerobatic show, once more, and proved their fame as one of the best aerobatic team in the world. It was their third appearance in Athens and we really hope to see them again soon. Today, they will show their skills at Kalamata city coast.

Photos from Red Arrows show in Athens

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