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Photos from Antiparos island

Antiparos, the alternative and rock destination of the 80’s and 90’s is now an affordable Cycladic island (some say that it has “dominated”, some that it is just trendy or as they used to say “In”) but it has won the big bet maintaining its tradition, staying true to the more relaxed and relaxed rhythms compared to other islands with more intense nightlife and fun.

Within walking distance of Paros and the port of Parikia is an easily accessible destination with beautiful Chora, large beaches with crystal clear waters (fortunately it is not original compared to the rest of our islands), an impressive underground cave that you should not miss and very important findings of archaeological interest.
Don’t forget to try its fresh seafood and the delicious dishes offered by taverns and restaurants for all budgets.

Where to stay in Antiparos island

Although most accommodation options in Antiparos are located in Chora, it is worth looking elsewhere in the island if you want a more relaxed atmosphere or more direct access to the beaches. However, the distances are not long, so choose accommodation depending on the mood of your vacation.

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Ανανεώθηκαν πρόσφατα

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