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Parnassos ski center

Parnassos ski resort is located in Viotia (Boeotia) prefecture and is the largest and best organized ski center in Greece. Receives the highest number of visitors annually with one of the reasons being the relatively small distance from the Greek capital Athens. In specific it is 180 km away from Athens and only 25-30 km from the most popular winter Greek destination, the village of Arahova. Furthermore, it is easily accessible from other major cities such as Lamia, Patras, Livadia, Thebes and Chalcis.

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On our way to Parnassos ski center, position Kelaria

Access to Parnassos Ski center

Access is very easy even during bad weather winter days due to the well equipped snow machines fleet. The two main roads leading to Parnassos ski center are the following:

Snowboarder on Parnassos ski center, Kelaria
  • The first is one that reaches up to one of two basic ski resort bases, base Kelaria. It passes through Arachova village in which will arrive via highway Athens-Thessaloniki. The best way is leave the national highway at exit kastro – Orchomenos. After reaching the cosmopolitan mountainous village Arachova, follow signs to ski center and having gone through the Livadi (Kalyvia ARACHOVA) you still have a few miles left of mountain trail to the parking lot and the first lifts.
  • The second leads to the rear or north side of Parnassus mountain, namely the base at Fterolakka at 1800 meters altitude. To get there, if you come from Athens, jsut follow the same as the above route (exit fron national highway at Kastro – Orchomenos), but after passing Orchomenos the next big intersection you reach, do not go straight, but turn right to Thourio, Chaeronea, Tithorea, with final destination the town of Amfiklia located right under the mountain of Parnassos. If coming from northern Greece, after Lamia take the road to Amfissa (Lamia – Patron) and after a few kilometers find the intersection to Amfiklia and Parnassos mountain. From Amfiklia simply follow the signs to Parnassos ski center.
Parnassos Ski center at base Kelaria

Ski runs and trails in Parnassos mountain

At the ski center you will have at your disposal 19 tracks , 2 main roads of communication with the lower level, 7 ski trails , 8 connecting paths and 3 mini beginner slopes with Baby lift. The total length of the route reaches the 36 km and there are several black paths “untrodden” enough for experienced skiers or snowboarders.

For important information such as proper rules of conduct for skiers, the health cover and much more you may visit the official website(in Greek).

Parnassos mountain sunset
Sunset as we descend from the Parnassos ski center

Attractions, close distance visits from Parnassos mountain

When tired from the grueling downhill, stunts and breathtaking jumps, or just from the endless hours waiting in one of two chalets in the Parnassus ski resort, you may visit two or three very interesting and close destinations:

Parnassus ski resort, girl in Kelaria base
  • The first course is to Arachova, a mountain village under the Parnassus which is full of life almost every day of the week. You may eat at the traditional tavernas, take your coffee on classy cafes, buy traditional products like cheese or blankets, spend your night in clubs or just stroll around the picturesque village alleys. More will follow in a later article.
  • The archaeological site and museum of Delphi. Located about 35 km from the ski area is a unique, UNESCO world heritage site, the so-called ancient world’s center or navel of the world.
  • in 60-65 km you will find the picturesque Galaxidi the beautiful and sheltered bay. Galaxidi is beautiful all year round and by going there you will take a good taste of sea and mountain landscapes in central Greece.

Photos from Parnassos ski center

Search for Arachova Hotels

Arachova winter resort is the main choice for Parnassos ski center visitors. It is a very popular destination and many call it “Winter Myconos”. Some like this ‘nickname’ some do not. The truth is that it’s a very beautiful village with many things to see or do.

So, find the best prices for hotels and guesthouses in Arachova village or check rooms and hotels in the surrounding Parnassos ski area

Parnassos map

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Parnassos Ski Bus

Athens:Reservations: 0030 210-5763935 – 0030 6989 469333 and 0030 6936 645853, Until 23:00 the day before
Info about departure spots and hours at http://www.klaoudatos.gr/skibus_en.htm

Snowcam from Parnassos ski center

Parnassos mountain Kelaria

Parnassos mountain, Kelaria, altitude 1,950 meters.

image from Snow Report

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