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Koufonisia island in Cyclades

Several years ago, on our first visit to Koufonisia, our arrival on the island and the amazing beach with the turquoise waters in the port were engraved.

Of course, the beach at the port is not the best on the island, which in itself is a reason to visit Koufonisia and discover even better beaches than the one on the port. Here, we need emphasize that although we say Koufonisia most of us mean Pano Koufonissi island where the port, Chora and most of the beautiful beaches are located.

Koufonisia port and its little beach, just to get an idea of the amazing beach and water colors in the island!

The alternative Koufonisia

A few words about the recent past before we go into the modern. In the 80’s but also during a big part of the 90’s, Koufonisia was an alternative destination. Although close to cosmopolitan Naxos, the larger islands pulled the masses and left Koufonisia and their few but faithful visitors in their “quiet”.

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With a small camping that served a relatively small percentage of its fanatical visitors, the beaches were the main place of hospitality of the “homeless” who enjoyed the joys of the Greek summer nature in the Aegean and the Cyclades.

Pori beach on Pano Koufonisi island, Cyclades, Aegean sea-Greece

Nudism was prevalent on the beaches, a habit that remains, to an overwhelmingly smaller percentage, even today.

Koufonisia of today

Koufonisia is on the front line of trendy destinations in recent years as more and more people discover their beauty and share it on social media, something common for many until relatively recently not so famous and touristic destinations.

So much talking sowed the seed of doubt as to whether we should go or prefer something quieter or even postpone our trip to Koufonisia for the much calmer September and early autumn period.

Finally leaving the beautiful, and still alternative, Donoussa we said to try our luck and see what it is like to visit Koufonisia in July 2016.

Pisina spot. Pisina in Greek (of latin origin) means swimming pool, in this case a natural one!

From the first hour on the island and as we were going to our accommodation on the side that used to be the campsite (we forgot to tell you that the campsite has been closed for many years) we realized that while many more houses may have been built, is rather a healthy industry on the island, the energy emitted by this Cycladic land and its sea has not lost its intensity at all.

Hotels and guesthouses in Koufonisia

You can check this out yourself and stay in Koufonisia island for at least 2-3 days. The island is not big and you can walk the most interesting part that is the one with the most beautiful beaches from the port and until the famous and exotic beach of Pori.
Use the form below to help you check accommodation and prices for your stay at Koufonisia island (Pano Koufonisi)


Photos from the island of Koufonisia in Cyclades

Boat ticket for Koufonisia island

Add your dates and check availability and prices regarding for boat tickets from Piraeus, Athens’ major port, to Koufonisia island.

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