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Kasos is a small island in the Dodekanese with many wonderful beaches, villages and people who are ready to welcome you, tell all the island’s secrets and share with you some of their entertaining stories or teases to each other.

Kasos is located between the Southwest coasts of Crete and Karpathos island.

Access to Kasos island

Kasos, once a very distant destination, it is now served by plane (1+ hour from Athens) and a ferry boat that needs approximately 14 hours to reach the small but picturesque port of Fri.

Kasos - Ai Giorgis Hadies
Ai Giorgis hadies church, Kasos island

Although weather during my stay in Kasos didn’t really help in order to catch the unique sea and beach color of the island, i had the chance due to my friend Evi Foudis, to meet some of the traditions that Kasos’ people try and actually do preserve in one way or another. Visiting a traditional Kasos house, since 1860, eating to the delicious Kasos foods and watching in the Mitata (Mitata are organized shepherds huts) the production of cheese in the traditional way were some of the things i will never forget in the island of Kasos (Cheese and Drylla, mikl’s cream, local spaghetti with Sitaka, stuffed vine leaves with mince and Roikio are still in my mind…)

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Kasos island photos.

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Kasos island map

Center map
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