Kamena Vourla and Agios Konstantinos


Kamena Vourla

The Kamena Vourla are built in a beautiful location of the prefecture Fthiotida opposite its lacy shores of northern Evia. It is a narrow passage of land between the sea of ​​the Northern Evia gulf and the green mountain Knimida that dominates above and behind the spa town of Kamenon Vourlon.

The thermal springs of Kamena Vourla

The Kamena Vourla is one of the most famous tourist destinations while they are the largest and most complete tourist resort of Central Greece. They have a rich tourist tradition which began in the distant years of the interwar period and specifically in 1926 when chemist Michael Pertesis discovered the benefits for humans healing properties of the sources of the wider area. In particular, it measured that the water content of radon is unique and superior to most European sources with healing properties.

Thus, a few years later and specifically in the mid-30s, the utilization of resources began with the construction of modern for the time luxury hotel units that in addition to providing services related to thermal waters offered carefree and relaxing holidays to vacationers. Gradually, the Kamena Vourla gained a great reputation due to the high quality of tourist facilities, thus attracting internationally renowned personalities.
Kamena Vourla and the coasts of Northern Evia in a landscape more reminiscent of a lake!

Today they are Kamena Vourla are still a popular tourist destination as they combine the mountain with the sea. The modern tourist facilities with the picturesque taverns by the sea but also the intense night life with the quiet accommodation according to the needs of each vacationer. THE beach of Kamena Vourla suitable for longboats in its clear waters North Evia while along almost the entire coastal zone of Kamenon Vourlon the visitor has the opportunity to taste delicious fish of the area or to drink his coffee and drink over the usually calm waters of the bay. Especially when apnea is prevalent, such is the geographical location of the burned Vourla that one thinks they are on the shores of a beautiful lake!

Sights in Kamena Vourla

The visitor of Kamenon Vourlon can also take advantage of the existence of many attractions, thus gaining a more complete view and knowledge of the history of the wider area. One of them is Holy Monastery of the Transfiguration of the Savior, or otherwise Monastery of Agia, with a katholikon dating from the 11th century! The Holy Monastery is located 5 km from Kamena Vourla, following a beautiful uphill route that offers wonderful views across the bay, with visibility many times even hundreds of kilometers to distant Pelion. Very close is the monument of Thermopylae with his imposing statue Leonida to dominate and remind the incomparable courage of Greek history and resistance throughout the centuries, while the village of Karyes is located a short distance from Kamena Vourla and is one of most beautiful mountain villages in the prefecture of Fthiotida.

Access to Kamena Vourla

Kamena Vourla is located in distance 175 km from Athens, Greece and just 40 miles from Ghoul, with easy access as between the settlement and Mount Knimida passes the national road Athens - Thessaloniki.

Accommodation in Kamena Vourla

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In the small port of Agios Konstantinos.

Saint Constantine

Ο Saint Constantine is located a few kilometers from Kamena Vourla and is an important port for Sporades (Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonnisos, Skyros ) but also the North Evia as it is connected with Agios Georgios, the Lake Evia. In addition, more frequent itineraries are performed to its port Volos and Thessaloniki, The Astride and Lemnos as well as the Pelion in its small port Platania at the southern end of the mythical mountain.

Until a few years ago, that is, before the completion of the new national road, the Saint Constantine was a passage and favorite stop of many travelers to and from Central and Northern Greece. The graphics Agios Nikolaos square with the big plane trees and the open-air theater with the cafes and some taverns was an ideal resting place before continuing the trip. With the new highway o Saint Constantine has of course got rid of the thousands of cars that crossed its small road and it is worth visiting it relaxing in its small port and its beautiful square. The coastal road leads by the sea after 8 km Kamena Vourla while a few miles before you enter Saint Constantine is the summer resort of Loggos.

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Photos from Kamena Vourla and Agios Konstantinos

Map of Kamenon Vourla and Agios Konstantinos

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