Tsagarada, in the heart of Pelion

The homeland of the Centaurs and the summer residence of the 12 Olympian gods is adorned by a multitude of traditional picturesque villages. One of the most beautiful and famous villages is Tsagarada. Let's see why.

Zagora in Pelion

Zagora. Drowned in the green of the mountain and the blue of the sky and the Aegean.

The beautiful Zagora is the largest and definitely one of the most beautiful villages Pelion as it spreads on a green slope from which the visitor is generously offered the view of the deep blue Aegean Sea.

Vyzitsa in Pelion.

H Vizitsa is a beautiful village of Pelion at an altitude of 500 meters and at a distance of only 30 kilometers from the capital of the prefecture of Magnesia, Volos.

Lake Stefaniada

The small, natural and beautiful Lake Stefaniada is literally buried in the mountainous area of ​​Agrafa and specifically in Argithea of ​​the prefecture Karditsa.

Pelion train, the legendary Moutzouris

The legendary Moutzouris before entering the station of Milia, Pelion.

Photos from the traditional train of Pelion, the legendary Moutzouri, the De Chirico Bridge and the Railway Station on Apple trees of Pelion.

Elati of Trikala

In the beautiful and forested Elati of Trikala

Drowned in its green nature Koziaka, with rich tourist infrastructure and a short distance from TrikalaThe Fir is one of its most popular winter tourist destinations Central Greece.