rio antirio gefyra bridge

Photos from Rio-Antirio bridge

View photos from Rio-Antirio bridge, one of the most important and impressive construction works not only in Greece but in the whole world.

Aerial photos, flying over Greece

Aerial photos taken from my window during the flights to various European destinations.

Kamena Vourla and Agios Konstantinos port

Kamena Vourla is a famous spa resort located on the beautiful coasts of Fthiotida prefecture opposite of North Evia green mountain slopes and on the calm water of north Evoikos gulf.
Οι μικροί καταρράκτες στα Κρύα της Λιβαδειάς

Kria in Livadeia city

Small watermills, large platan trees, running water and stone bridges are found on a small green oasis called Kria (Krya) in the city of Livadeia, Boeotia prefecture capital.
Arahova-Araxova village

Arachova village

Arachova is the most popular winter destination as it is a very beautiful and traditional village that offers a variety of options like visiting the largest Greek ski center in Parnassos mountain.
parnassos ski center

Parnassos ski center

Parnassos ski center is the largest, most visited and most organized ski center in Greece. It is located on Viotia prefecture in Central Greece on an altitude between 1800 and 2260 meters.
Sounio temple sunset view

Sounion temple sunset view

Sounion is located 68 km from downtown Athens and it is highly recommended as a one day visit to tourists in Athens since it combines ancient sightseeing with an amazing view to the Aegean sea especially during sunset hour.
Rafina - Agios Nikolaos church

Agios Nikolaos church in Rafina

Photos from Agios Nikolaos small church in Rafina and the great view to Evia island and south Evoikos bay right above Rafina port. So, if you miss your ferry or just arrive at Rafina port earlier than your departure, take some time and ...
Δελφοί, αρχαιολογικός χώρος

Delphi archaeological site

Delphi is one of the most important and rich in ancient findings places in Greece. It was for centuries the religious and spiritual center of ancient Greek and there was a Panhellenic sanctuary and the most important oracle of ancient Greece.

Galaxidi photos

Galaxidi is a small but picturesque small town in Fokida with rich naval history, 2 small ports with fishing boats and taverns and a lot of interesting close destinations to visit during your stay there like Delphi archeological site and Arahova village on Parnassos mountain slopes.