In Pylos of Messinia

The beautiful Gate is a small town on the west coast of the prefecture Messinia and is built in its bay Navarino (or Pylos gulf), opposite its island Sfaktirias.

The gorge of Neda

In the gorge of Neda (click on the photo to see it in full size)

In the mythical gorge of Neda and Zeus you will see an incomparable natural landscape with waterfalls that form pools with crystal clear waters and caves that cross the beautiful Neda river.


Finikounda and its beach (click to see bigger)

Η Φοινικούντα is a beautiful and quiet seaside resort resort of Messinia built just behind a long sandy beach with nice sand and clear waters.

Voidokilia beach

The view to the beach of Voidokilia and the lagoon of Gialova from the walls of Paleokastro! (click to see the photo in full size)

Η Voidokilia beach is located on its west side Messinia a few kilometers north of the beautiful Gate. It is without a doubt one of the most beautiful beaches of Greece which impresses with its round shape…

Polylimnio of Messinia

Dive with a waterfall background in Polylimnio! (click to see the photo in full size)

A small green paradise, scattered by ponds and waterfalls waiting for you at Polylimnio Of Messinia. It is located a stone's throw from the Pylos-Kalamata road.

Koroni of Messinia

Swim under the castle overlooking the settlement of Koroni and Taygetos.

Η Koroni is one of its most beautiful states coastal Messinia, built amphitheatrically on the hillside where the Venetian castle dominates.

In Methoni of Messinia

Beach in Methoni, Messinia

Η Methoni is a beautiful picturesque town Messinia which is dominated by the well-preserved medieval castle with high walls and the famous octagonal Bourtzi tower.