Evia island


Παραλίες Καρύστου

Στο νότιο άκρο της Εύβοιας θα βρείτε μερικές από τις ομορφότερες παραλίες του νησιού. Οι περισσότερες δεν είναι οργανωμένες και αποτελούν ιδανική λύση για μία κοντινή σχετικά εξόρμηση σε ανέγγιχτες ακόμα πανέμορφες θάλασσες και αμμουδιές.

Dimosari gorge

Dimosari gorge is located on the north east side of mountain Ohi in South Evia island and is one of the most beautiful walking paths in Greece

Wind surf and Kite surf in Greece and South Evia island

Οι δυνατοί βόρειοι άνεμοι, τα ισχυρά ρεύματα και το στενό πέρασμα ανάμεσα στη παραλία Μεγάλη Άμμο και τον νησάκι μικρός Πεταλιός καθιστούν την Νότια Εύβοια και συγκεκριμένα το σημείο δύο χιλιόμετρα μετά το Μαρμάρι, αγαπημένο προορισμό για τους φίλους του windsurf.

Marmari coastal village, South Evia

Marmari coastal village in South Evia island is an ideal weekend destination due to short distance and time needed to reach it from Athens. Moreover, its beautiful beaches and the variety of tavernas, cafeterias and bars offer more than enough for a relaxed escape from the city.

Kireas river road trip

Kireas river and the road trip next to it is one of the most picturesque road trips in north Evia island.

Agia Anna, North Evia

Agia Anna is a popular summer destination in north Evia island with a large beach, a beautiful village, organized coastal settlement and a large camping to host some of the visitors.

Edipsos, a modern spa resort

Edipsos (Aedipsos)spa resort in Greece known since ancient times. It is mentioned by Aristotle and it was a favorite Roman Emperor destination. Since then many centuries have passed but Edipsos is still famous due to at least 80 healing water springs.

Limni Evias, North Evia

The beautiful seaside town of Limni is located on the west coast of northern Evia (Evoia or Euboea island) and is built over the northern usually leeward North Evia Gulf.

Chalkida, the crazy water city!

Chalkida,the capital of Euboea island, is the known as the 'crazy water' city due to a tidal phenomenon in Evripos strait.It is the main portal of entry and exit to and from the island of...
Στενή Ευβοίας

Steni village in central Evia

Steni village in central Evia (Euboea) island is a mountainous settlement on the slopes of Dirfi mountain and a favorite travel destination from Athens and Chalkida cities.