The beach of the new commercial of EOT

The beach in the new campaign of EOT 2020. And yet it changes shape, read below

See the enchanting beach from the new spot of EOT for 2020, which is located 2 hours from Athens and has received the best impressions.

Photos from Antiparos

In the town of Antiparos

Enjoy the unique beaches of Antiparos, the beautiful Chora as well as the famous cave through its photos

Beaches in Ios

Enjoy the unique beaches of Ios through our journey to the island of Homer. From the port of the island to the north side, Ios is full of busy but also deserted beautiful beaches.

Beaches in Anafi

The beach and the sea in the port of Anafi / View to the beach located on Anafi's port.

In Anafi you will find beautiful sandy beaches along the largest southern part of the island with the most famous being Kleisidi and Roukounas.

Photos from Anafi

Chora Anafi

Hidden for good behind the cosmopolitan Santorini, Anafi is a different tourist path for those who do not want to follow the footsteps.


Thirasia, the settlement of Manolas and the small port of Korfos

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Shipwreck beach in Zakynthos

The famous and beautiful beach Navagio, Zakynthos

Shipwreck beach, world famous, thousand photographed, unique. Nothing you see in photos or videos can compare to the feeling of natural presence in this unique natural landscape.