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Arachova village

Arachova is the most popular winter destination as it is a very beautiful and traditional village that offers a variety of options like visiting the largest Greek ski center in Parnassos mountain. Important factor in the popularity of Arachova plays the relatively small distance of one hundred and sixty kilometers from Athens.

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Access to Arachova

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Arachova is a small town with about 4,000 residents, built at an altitude between 900 and 1000 meters. Spread out in one of the southern slopes of Mount Parnassus, and despite the relatively high altitude the access to the village is very easy. If you come from Athens or the southern Greece you will have to take the national road towards Lamia.

Although there are two or three relevant markings to Arachova and Parnassos ski resort on the road, the best way is the second option, namely the exit towards Castro and Orchomenos, just a few kilometers after passing lake Yliki on your right. This route is 172 km in length, 12 km longer than that which passes out of the town of Livadia, but is more comfortable and maybe shorter in time.

Parnassos slopes over Arachova

Arachova Hotels and guesthouses

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Livadi in Arachova

In the municipality of Arachova, you will also find Kalyvia Livadi. This settlement is mostly known as Livadi, an old farming village on the plateau at an altitude of 1,100 meters before starting the long uphill to the ski resort. The old farming village, then, from the 80’s became aware of a big explosion in building activity in tourist facilities and it was a way to assist the increasing numbers of visitors to Arachova. Today, Livadi is considered as an extension of Arachova village with luxury resorts and guesthouses, taverns and restaurants.

Battle of Arachova

In the region of Arachova, inhabited since ancient times, took place on of the most important battles in the Greek modern history. The battle of Arachova held in November 1826, at altitudes around the village between the Greek revolutionaries of George Karaiskakis and a body of Turkish-Albanian led by Mustafa Bei.

After six days of hard fighting Karaiskakis defeated rival forces causing major losses in 2000 Turkish-Albanian soldiers. The victory in Arachova is one of the top events of the Greek revolution that largely determined the evolution of the revolutionary struggle.

Arahova-Araxova village

Arachova’s local products

While visiting the picturesque Arachova, you can see, taste and buy some of the famous traditional local products such as dairy productsParnassos feta cheese is the most popular, formaela, round cheese that is produced only in Arachova and the textiles such as hand-made carpets, woolen blankets and some handmade clothes.

Destinations near Arachova village

One of the major advantages of Arachova is the perfect combination of mountain and sea. From there you may can visit the mountain of Parnassos and its ski center or go down to the seaside town of Itea and the beautiful Galaxidi coastal small town located just a few kilometers away. Specifically, Itea is 29 km from Arachova and Galaxidi is just 17 km from Itea.

Before reaching the beach you will have the chance to visit the ancient site of Delphi, one of the greatest and richest in the wider Greek area with its renovated museum with the Charioteer and the other findings from the famous historic area. Delphi is just 12 km from Arachova.

Arachova photos

Arachova map

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Snow Camera (snowcam) from Parnassos ski center

Parnassos mountain, Kelaria, altitude 1,950 meters.
Parnassos mountain Kelaria
image from Snow Report

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