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Agia Anna, North Evia

Agia Anna is a popular summer destination in north Evia island with a large beach, a beautiful village, organized coastal settlement and a large camping to host some of the visitors.

Agia Anna village is on the east side of north Evia with a view to the Aegean sea at a 300 meter altitude. Its beach is 6.3 from the main village on the coastal settlement of Aggali. It is one of the longest beaches in Evia island with a length of 6 kilometers. There except from swimming on the clear and usually wavy Aegean sea you can have your lunch of fresh fish or take your coffee and tidbit (mezes) at the cafeterias, ouzeris and tavernas by the beach.

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Part of Agia Anna beach at the coastal settlement of Aggali

If you have time and mood to discover some of the beauties in North Evia you may visit Drimonas waterfalls (view map’s red mark for access directions), Boulovivena gorge, the small city of Limni on the west side of Evia island or just go back to Agia Anna main settlement in order to visit its folklore museum.

Agia Anna village is 72 km from Chalkida city, Evia’s capital on the central part of the island, and although the route is at sometimes tiring due to parts with a lot of turns, it is very nice due to the beautiful landscapes you’ll see all the way to Agia Anna village and beach.

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Photos from Agia Anna

Agia Anna and Aggali map

Προηγούμενο ταξίδιElati Trikalon
Επόμενο ταξίδιAlimos Marina

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