Polylimnio of Messinia

Dive with a waterfall background in Polylimnio! (click to see the photo in full size)

A small green paradise, scattered by ponds and waterfalls waiting for you at Polylimnio Of Messinia.

Access to Polylimnio.

The location of its gorge Polylimniou is located about in the middle of the main road Messina - Pylos (or Kalamata Pylos). Specifically in the village Barracks you will turn for the village Dawn and from there there are signs that will take you after a few hundred meters to the car park (there are two points to which we will refer later).

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The Barracks are 20 kilometers from Messina, 21 from Gate, 31 from its capital Messinia her city Kalamata. From Athens, Greece for Polylimnio you will need to travel about 260 kilometers.

Polylimnio of Messinia
Polylimnio of Messinia, the beautiful lake Kadi

Ponds and waterfalls.

The access from the parking lot to the first lakes and the small path is very easy while when you enter the path all you have to be careful is not to slip. On the path in some more difficult places there are metal supports that help a lot on the way up.

The first images from Polylimnio they are very beautiful but you better go upstairs to see something you probably would not have expected to see. You are going through one of the first big ones Lakes, that of Italian and go up to the lake Καδούλα. From there the spectacle is amazing as you will see in front of you spread others ponds with dozens of little ones waterfalls while frames of images are completed by a large cataract which can hardly be seen between the leaves of the trees and the riparian flowers.

Diving in the cold water at Polylimnio Messinia - Lake Kadi.

Continue the climb and enjoy the beautiful Lake Bucket with its imposing large waterfall, the crystal clear waters and the steep cliffs that rise above its waters.

Swimming pool in Polylimnio.

All of these elements will lead you to think about whether you should dive in its waters or not. Some daredevils will not think about it at all and will suddenly feel the cold of its waters waterfall. Of course, no matter how much you think, this is something you can not avoid, so make the decision and enjoy swimming and diving from the rocks of Lake Kadi.

If you want to enjoy a natural massage you can approach the point where its waters fall rapidly waterfall (from a height of more than 20 meters!) while right next to it you will see escalator which will lead some to the first nice spot dives.

Be careful not to press any of the natural inhabitants on Polylimnio

There are of course some who want to fall from above and climb to the left of the first point to offer vivid images to those who have just climbed to enjoy the scenery or a simple swim in Kadi. (The photos you will see below are indicative.)

Accommodation near Polylimnio

The Polylimnio is very close to its popular and beautiful destinations Messinia. Solutions and suggestions accommodation are too many and you can start your search below

Accommodation in:


The distances are to the nearest village, the Dawn. For more access information you can also refer to map below.


Apart from the point we described, there is another quite large parking lot in the second parking lot Lake-swimming pool with much easier access. Is Black Lake (Mavrolimna is probably above Kadi, we could not verify this since we did not continue the climb higher. From the map as it is at the entrance of the gorge and which you will see on photos below, we conclude something like this) and is offered for endless moments of relaxation or picnic next to its calm waters.

In both areas be careful not to press any of the big ones crabs of the lake while in Italian lake we also photographed one water snake (light).

Do not forget to see or visit Messinia

Some of the most important destinations in this beautiful prefecture of Peloponnese that you should not miss:

Photos from Polylimnio, Messinia

Area map and access tool to Polylimnio, Messinia


  1. I imagine, and especially this year that there has been a lot of hunting for free campers, how not.

  2. last year i went i saw they have put a tent of 2 people but i do not think you will be comfortable it gathers a lot of germanes it is worth visiting

  3. Good Evening! I would like to ask you if you know if dogs are allowed in the pond ... mine is small. Is it okay to tell me anything?

  4. Good evening.
    I honestly do not know if pets are allowed in Polylimnio. Basically when I visited the area he had no control over what each visitor has with him. Now to what extent the presence of dogs can affect the fauna of the area and whether it is sensitive to the presence of pets this is perhaps a reasonable question. If during or before your visit to the area you contact a competent body, let us know so that we can renew the site with relevant information. However, it would be good to be as careful as possible during our visit to Polylimnio regarding the protection of this beautiful area so that we can enjoy it the same every time we return (but also for the next visitors of course).

  5. Wonderful natural waterful. But why so neglected? If the Greek Authorities or local hoteliers got together to do some minimal maintenance, it would be to everyone's benefit. Repair signs, maintain tracks, and most of all clean up the rubbish. This would help the Greek economy.

  6. Mike, this is Greece my friend! Cleanliness ain't one of their national sports! :)

  7. kai hrtha loipon egw shmera na sou lusw tis apories gia to site sas kai na to enhmerwsete kiolas gia na poume oti kanete swsta thn douleia sas… DEN yparxei nomos pou na leei oti apagoreuontai katoikidia se opoiondhpote xwo exw na sou pw mono ena pragma !! exeis paei sxoleio? apo poia xwra eisai? eisai or ton arh? ploutwna? file / filh mou .. ainte ksupna se parakalw .. les kai tha sou feroume ton panthira kai tha sou faei kai katastrepsei olh tin panida ths perioxhs !! kai telos .. to monadiko wn pou exei thn ikanothta na katastrepsei genikws..panida ktlp .. einai o VLAKAS ANTHRWPOS .. FILIA

  8. modare oti theleis .. apla enhmerwsou omws swsta prin anoikseis to stoma sou kai petakseis margaritaria ..

  9. Good morning to all. I visited the site randomly choosing it as the most suitable for information (I have not gone) for Polylimni .. very good and I will use it in the future for other places. But the reason was the tragic accident yesterday 13/8 / 2016 of the 24-year-old girl as she enjoyed with her company the beauty of the landscape. TRAVELPHOTO.gr and in the face of all this the arrogant and anti-social response of the "Martian" influenced "" nature lover "and ohhhh and" animal lover "GIANNIS, (unworthy of any further comment that may arise if and when he reads these lines. My heartfelt condolences to the family of the girl who was killed yesterday, I hope the state does not limit itself to words of remembrance of the moment of death, but with real projects to upgrade, maintain and protect this beautiful natural monument and its visitors.

  10. Unfortunately Polylimnio does not have the appropriate infrastructure for the safe visit… .. It is a very beautiful place but the Municipality of Messina does nothing… ..As for the accident of the unfortunate girl I am very sorry .. really… .After this incident the visitors to Polylimnio have probably doubled, many like the risk…. !!! δική My personal opinion is… .: do we love Polylimnio ?? do not throw garbage… let us respect the environment !!!! ίνουμε We go to Polylimnio with suitable sneakers… mountaineering… We do not enter the icy waters just for a photo… .. (some people endure the icy waters and have no problem and they like it)… .We do not go to Polylimnio when it is raining or when there is an earthquake… and the reason is one… Polylimnio has many rocks and there is a risk of landslides….

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