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Plastira lake

Lake Plastira and the surrounding landscape is one of the prettiest parts of Greece and perhaps the best harmonious human intervention in the environment. The result is an idyllic place worth a visit all year round.( Lake Plastira hotels )

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History of Plastira Lake

Lake Plastira or Tavropos was created in 1959 with the completion of the river Tavropos dam while the conception of creating the lake at this point belongs to General Nikolaos Plastiras (also known as the “black horseman“) who thirty years before had visited his homeland and was puzzled by the floods that plagued for years residents of surrounding areas. So he thought that the creation of the dam there not only would end the chronic flooding problem but it would solve much of the problem of irrigation in rural areas of Karditsa and the whole plain of Thessaly. The years that followed were difficult for Greece and during the Second World War, in the area that is covered by the lake now, operated the first allies airport with significant contribution to the struggle against German invaders.

Plastira Lake

Lake Plastiras today does not resemble anything from these difficult years since especially in recent decades has been transformed into one of the most popular travelers havens for vacations near the tranquil lake’s surface or the surrounding wild mountains. Tourist development of the region is particularly strong but fortunately the vast majority of cases is in harmony with the environment.

Information access and distance

Access to Plastira lake is very convenient from most regions of Greece. Specifically, from Athens is 326 kilometers far and can be reached via Lamia and Domokos. A few miles from there, you may either follow the road to Karditsa or turn left and get directly to the first lake’s village, Kastania. From Thessaloniki, Lake Plastiras is 240 km via Larissa and Karditsa and also you can get there following the longer but probably more comfortable journey through the Egnatia national highway and take the exit for Trikala in Grevena.

Plastira or Tavropos lake

Routes in Lake Plastiras

After reaching Plastira lake your options are several, depending of course on the season and weather. The best way to discover, however, the lake is to follow the peripheral path around it. If you come from Karditsa, your starting point will be the first villages you see, after reaching the point where you will have visual contact with the lake on your left, Kerasia and Kryoneri on the opposite sides of the mountain and the first lake houses and tourist facilities for horse riding and canoeing. First stop is Kalyvia Pezoulas, the most popular and perhaps most organized tourist “beach” of the lake. From there you can visit the mountain village Neraida (ferry), or the equally beautiful villages of Fylakti and Pezoula. Get off at the junction of Kalyvia and go to a perimeter road that will lead to reclaimed Neochori village with its picturesque square that offers some amazing views of the lake. Continue through the village Belekomiti, famous for its restaurants trout dishes  and finish your route reaching dam Tavropos.

Misty morning in Plastira Lake

The next day see the other half of the lake and some equally beautiful villages. Start at the same point and go from Nikolaos Plastiras hometown, Morfovouni village with commanding views over the plains of Karditsa. Continue on Mesenikolas village and taste or buy the famous red wine of the site, the “Black Mesenikolas” declared Appellation of Superior Quality (OPAP). After Mesenikolas you will reach Koronas Monastery with its impressive and imposing building dating from the 16th century. A few kilometers down the lakeside you will resort of Agios Athanasios and the second lake “beach” (plaz Laberou) , sparkling beaches, are the ideal spot for a big coffee or meal break beside the beautiful lake. To complete your journey continue south and pass by Kastania and Mouha villages before you reach the dam.

Plastira lake hotels

Find the best and cheapest hotel rates at www.booking.com (Plastira lake). Two of the most touristic and beautiful villages where you may find accommodation are Neochori village with view to the lake and Kalyvia Pezoulas village.

Lake Plastira attractions certainly do not finished with this route. Visit the area and find out what the beautiful countryside, the villages and their people have to offer you in this truly blessed landscape in central Greece. More articles will follow with detailed info about specific villages, areas and worth seeing and visiting spots.

Plastira Lake photos

Lake Plastira map

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